About Us


Every single professional in our studio is looking to change the way the mobile games are played by introducing a more interactive, social and engaging product. Inventain team members are creators and innovators.

By discovering incredible possibilities of the mobile gaming platforms, we are working on altering the core of what gaming used to be. At every level, we work hard with the desire to provide a unique experience to every single user and drive game development forward.

  • Vladimir
    Managing Director
    Overseeing the company's affairs, Vladimir instils an entrepreneurial culture and sets up strategic deals. Inventain’s steady development is a testament to his enterprising spirit and expertise.
  • Dmitry
    Chief Operating Officer
    Running internal operations, Dmitriy is largely responsible for nurturing Inventain's ever-improving development style, based on the experience he has gained working with several global entities, including ZeptoLab.
  • Alexander
    Chief Creative Officer
    Convinced that good design is a must, Alexander strives for perfect visuals in the games which have redefined the playing experience for millions. He is the creative guru and artistic thinker behind Inventain games.
  • Yury
    Software Developer
    A software developer by vocation, Yury visualizes and masterminds the next generation of mobile games - powerful, optimized and rewarding.
  • Sergey
    Software Developer
    Combining business and pleasure, Sergey develops aesthetically pleasing source code. He blends his creativity with powerful programming tools to realize his ambitions.
  • Max
    Software Developer
    Max's background and expertise give him a good grasp even on theoretical aspects of programming. He assumes the role of mentor as well as engineer.
  • Eugene
    Software Developer
    Being an expert both in software and hardware, Eugene discovers new technologies and learns new technics to develop unique solutions.
  • Sergey
    Software Developer
    With a solid knowledge of multiple programming languages, Sergey is able to solve most complex problems in his own, forward-thinking way.
  • Sergey
    2D Artist
    Graphics visionary, Sergey is responsible for creating pixel-perfect designs for Inventain's games. He is convinced great games should fuse hundreds of details into beautiful blend.

We are constantly looking for people who desire to utilize mobile as a springboard to alter reality. Striving for excellence in everything we do, we change relentlessly in an effort to reach perfection. Come and change with us for the better!