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Tips for Choosing a Domain Name for an Educational Theme Blog

Tips for choosing a domain name for an educational theme blog – All bloggers will agree that creating a blog needs to be tailored to their interests and daily activities. This is quite reasonable to make it easier for a blogger to build and manage his blog.

If the blogger is someone who is in the world of education, for example. Of course, bloggers will know a lot about the ins and outs of education itself, especially with regard to their duties and activities in the world of education.

Therefore it is more suitable for creating and building educational theme blogs. However prediksi togel, it is possible that educational bloggers are also interested in and master other themes.

At first a blogger created a free blog on blogspot or wordpress. Both are places to create a blog or often also called a blog engine. And, both have advantages and disadvantages.

Presumably it will be easier to choose a blogspot platform rather than wordpress. This is because the blogspot display is simpler and easier to use.


#Choose a domain name

How to choose a domain name for an education-themed blog? The following discussion may be an inspiration for bloggers who create educational theme blogs.

There is no requirement for a blogger to choose a domain name, including certain extensions for his blog. However, if an educational blogger wants to build and manage a blog seriously, choosing a domain name and blog extension will be very important to pay attention to.

Domain or domain name is a web address or url (uniform resource locator). For example, domainname.blogspot.com, the domain name for the blogspot platform. Before giving a domain name, it is necessary to pay attention to the following things.

Match the domain name with the blog title. For example, the blog title “World of Education”. Use the domain name Dunia Pendidikan.blogspot.com. Adjusting the domain name with the blog title means that you have also tried to adjust the domain name with the content or discussion in the blog.

World of Education, means the blog discusses the ins and outs or problems related to education.

If the desired domain name is not available on blogspot, just choose your own name or a name on your gmail account, for example, udaawak.blogspot.com.

Choose a practical domain name. Practical here is interpreted as easy to write on paper or typed on an internet browser tab. Then it is also easy to remember, of course not only remembered by the blog owner but also easy to remember by visitors.

Next, as far as possible, choose a word or group of words that are short and commonly used on the internet. World of Education is a group of short words commonly used on the internet.

Unique contains a distinctive meaning, not the same or different from other people’s domain names, company names, trademarks or site names that already have big names.

One of the goals of choosing a unique domain name is so that the blog that has been created will not lose in competing in search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing Ask, Yandex and so on. In addition, it also avoids unwanted things in the future, such as complaints or lawsuits from domain name owners who feel aggrieved.

However blogging platforms are very selective and it is not easy to accept domain names proposed by bloggers.

#Switch to top level domain (TLD)

If you are interested in developing your blog further, it is recommended to replace the blogspot-platform domain with a paid domain. Blog owners can visit and contact web hosting services and buy the domain you like.

There are quite a few Indonesian web hosting services that you can choose from. Niaga Hoster is one of the domain service providers and Indonesian wordpress hosting is the blogger’s choice. You can choose a domain extension, such as dot com, dot id, two popular extensions used for educational blogs.

By switching domains you will get the TLD extension. This will make the blog’s performance better. TLD blogs aka paid domains will be profitable if the blog owner is more serious about developing a blog into an online business blog. Join the google adsense online business and become a publisher by monetizing blogs.

In addition, having a blog with a TLD domain will excite blog owners to compete on the first page of google searches, bing, yahoo, ask, yandex and so on. That said, blogs with TLD domains are preferred by search engines. Of course, bloggers who are already using paid domains have seen and received the results.