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The first education center is the family environment, education in the family environment is very strategic to provide education towards intelligence, character or personality as well as preparation for life in society.

Parents will be an example for children, children will usually imitate what parents do. So parents must be able to provide good examples and daily habits so that they can be used as examples for their children slotbet365. Good examples and habits should be given by parents from childhood or childhood because they can affect the mental development of children.

Parents should pay attention to the education of their children because the role of parents is very important in the education process for them. Parents are able to provide for the material needs of their children satisfactorily but educational needs are never met.


Father helping his son with homework

Children are not prepared to become mature human beings like the goals to be achieved by education. Children develop without a pattern to be aimed at, but develop on their own. Children are allowed to grow without the demands of definite norms.

There is no certainty in the child, how he should act or behave because his parents have never been told and guided. This situation is called miss educated. Sometimes this kind of thing by parents is not realized, so it is not intentional. Parents may do this because they don’t know, that is, they don’t know how to educate their children and know, but the situation forces that, maybe because they are too busy. Therefore, being a parent requires certain conditions so that their children develop well.

If a family is blessed with a child, then on the shoulders of the parents it is the effort of how to make their children develop well. So children are not taken for granted, given food and clothing situs judi slot, but strive for children to be able to develop properly. Parents must be able to divide their attention to all objects in the household because it is in the family that parent-child interactions occur. The love given by parents at the beginning of a child’s life really helps the child’s development and even becomes the basis for laying his personality.

The importance of the role of parents in children’s education is not trivial because education is the main capital that must be owned by every living individual in order to survive in the face of the times. As nowadays parents are increasingly aware of the importance of providing the best education to their children from an early age.

The involvement of parents in children’s education has proven to have many positive impacts on children. Many achieve success after they reach adulthood and enter the real world of social life. The active role of parents of course needs to be supported by good communication between parents and the school. Like parents who are involved in Elementary School (SD) will reap positive effects that will last a child’s lifetime. So not only the role of the teacher and the environment are important but the role of parents also plays a very important role in children’s learning achievement.

Therefore, parents must pay more attention to their children, see the potential and talents that exist in their children, provide facilities and infrastructure to support their learning process at school and always motivate children to stay enthusiastic in learning. Parents are also expected to be able to do all that with a sincere intention to create a generation that has good morals and high insight and an unyielding spirit.